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Seattle Strong - Classic - Front Up 1000x1000

Nitro Cold Brew

Perfectly balanced, ultra smooth, pure cold brew coffee without any cream, sugar, or other additives.
Tasting Notes: Almond & Cacao

Nitro Bold Brew

Darker roast, more caffeine, pure cold brew coffee without any cream, sugar, or other additives.
Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate & Toffee
Seattle Strong - Bold - Front Up 1000x1000
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Nitro Bright Brew

A crisp, light, ultra smooth, and pure cold brew coffee without any cream, sugar, or other additives.
Tasting Notes: Lemon, Berry, & Coconut

Our Cold Brew Process

Step 1:

Fresh Roasted

We’ve crafted our blends with specifically cold brew in mind. Using only 100% arabica coffee, we roast fresh for each and every batch.

Step 2:

Water Purification

Brought in directly from Seattle’s nearby Cedar River watershed, our water is filtered to complete purity as it enters the brewery, removing all minerals and trace elements.

Step 3:

Slow Flow Extraction

Our cold brew is gently extracted from our coffee with a slow flow of water. This results in smoother, cleaner flavors from the same coffee beans than other methods.

Step 4:

Coffee Filtration

As the cold brew exits the brew tanks, it is passed through comprehensive filtration to fully remove any sediment and prepare the cold brew for packaging.

Step 5:

Nitrogen Infusion

Our dual nitrogenation process results in not only a frothier and creamier texture to our cold brew, but smoother and more fragrant flavors. By removing all of the oxygen from our cold brew, we prevent it from oxidizing and staling, allowing us to maintain freshness without preservatives.

Step 6:

Packaging Options

We pride ourselves on having packaging options to fit every need. Our most popular offerings are our single-serve nitro cans and multi-serve nitro kegs.

Step 7:
Cold Chain

Complete Refrigeration

All of our finished cold brew is refrigerated around-the-clock. It is kept cold throughout our entire logistics process to ensure that the freshest, purest cold brew arrives on the shelf at your store.

Step 8:

Drink and Enjoy!

Every one of these steps is to provide you with the perfect cup of cold brew every time. Ultra-smooth, caffeinated, and refreshing with little to no need for cream or sugar. What cold brew can and should be!

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