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Nitro Cold Brew

Perfectly balanced, ultra smooth, pure cold brew coffee without any additives.

Tasting Notes: Nutty and Chocolatey

  • Smooth: Refreshing and enjoyable coffee flavor with little to no need for cream or sugar
  • Healthy: Lower acidity than drip coffee and almost no calories
  • Caffeinated: 2.5x the caffeine of drip coffee

Nitro Dirty Chai

Our signature cold brew coffee mixed with a lightly sweetened chai tea.

Tasting Notes: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Sweet

  • Smooth: Refreshing and ambrosial blend of coffee and chai flavors
  • Healthier: Only 75 calories for a full 12 oz serving and less than half the sugar of a soda
  • Caffeinated: 1.5x the caffeine of drip coffee

Our Cold Brew Process

Step 1:

Bean Blend for Cold Brew

We crafted our blend with specifically cold brew coffee in mind. Our signature blend, contains 100% arabica beans that we’ve sourced for their nutty and chocolatey tones.

Step 2:

Clean Filtered Water

Brought in directly from Seattle’s nearby Cedar River watershed, our pacific northwest water was once the snowy peaks of the Washington Cascade mountain range. As it enters our brewery, it is filtered before filling our brewing tanks and being mixed with our freshly-ground coffee.

Step 3:

16+ Hours of Steeping Time

Our cold brew coffee is slowly steeped for up to 20 hours in our glycol-sleeved brew tanks. We casually agitate the coffee grounds throughout the brewing process to ensure a uniform flavor to the brew and achieve the highest level of extraction possible.

Step 4:

Extra Filtration

As the cold brew coffee exits our brewing tanks, we do a second round of filtration to remove sediment that might be remaining after the brewing process.

Step 5:

Multiple Package Options

We pride ourselves on having a packaging option to fit every need. Our most popular offerings are our single-serve nitro cans and multi-serve nitro kegs, which can be found on shelves or on-tap throughout the pacific northwest. Each can is dosed with liquid nitrogen as it is filled, ensuring every serving is properly pressurized and fully-infused. Our kegs are filled while pressurized with nitrogen to ensure the same experience as our cans and the infusion of every drop of cold brew.

Step 6:
Cold Chain

Complete Refrigeration

All of our finished cold brew is refrigerated around-the-clock in our brewery. It is kept cold throughout our entire logistics process and all the way until it arrives on the shelf at your store. We want you to have the most fresh cold brew possible!

Step 7:

Drink and Enjoy!

Everything we do is to provide you with the perfect cup of cold brew coffee every time. Smooth, easy-to-drink, balanced, and refreshing. Nutty and chocolatey tones. Little to no need for cream or sugar. What cold brew coffee can and should be!

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